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By the University of Sevilla
Welcome to my website:

It is to thank the University of Sevilla, the initiative to facilitate web spaces for its students and teachers. In this, my small space, I make accessible to anyone who may be interested in my resume and some of my work.

My name is Jose Recio and I am an industrial engineer, with speciality mechanics, a Master's degree in Advanced Design in Mechanical Engineering and a student of the third course of the degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Higher Technical School of Engineering of the University of Sevilla.

My CV:

Link to my CV: CV_JoseRecio.pdf

Mobile phone: 608461793
Email: josreclop@alum.us.es
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jose-recio
Web: http://alumno.us.es/josreclop
Skype: jmreciolopez

Award: universitarian olympiad of Physics
Master's work:
       - Twisting of an anisotropic bar with elliptical section
       - Gait cycle
       - Simulation of the motion of the double pendulum with Cartesian coordinates
       - Simulation of the motion of the double pendulum with Natural coordinates
       - Simulation of the motion of a Truck in 2D
       - Simulation of the motion of a rod-crank mechanism
       - Generation of the curve cardioide through a mechanism of four bars
       - Others
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